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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Do you listen to music when you fall asleep? Or do you have to have it completely silent, door closed, zero light?

I can do either, but it's preferable for me to have music or some sort of noise.  I had to get used to silence when I had a roommate who was a light sleeper (that was a very rough two years...), but if I can have the radio on, or TV playing, I will.  And because I'm a creature of habit, I have a goodnight playlist that I would insist on falling asleep to, convinced that it worked faster.

Well, unfortunately I lost the playlist when I wiped my iPod clean on an update as well as had my old laptop die all within a week of each other - and Ashley was a sad, very tired girl. (What? Talking in third person isn't cool? Oh.)

So imagine how happy I was to open an old notebook today and see I'd had the brilliant foresight to write it down!!  

In a veiled way of keeping a record of my playlist in case I ever lose it again, I thought I'd share :)  I was going to post all the videos for them, but that's a pretty vid-heavy post -- so only select ones get a YouTube accompaniment.

If you have any suggestions (or even a playlist) of music that could fit in my Dreaming List, please share! I'm always open to new music.

God Must Have Spent - *NSYNC
(most favourite *NSYNC song ever.)

My Heart Was Home Again - Josh Groban
(the music is beautiful.)

Believe - Josh Groban

You're Still You - Josh Groban

Something Good - Sound of Music OST
(I used to try to listen to the whole soundtrack to go to bed, but then I'd just start singing the entire movie.)

Kiss the Rain - Yiruma
(possibly THE most beautiful music I've ever heard.
Seriously, please listen if you haven't already.)

Doin' Just Fine - Boyz II Men

4 Seasons of Loneliness - Boyz II Men

Turn Me On - Norah Jones (<3)

Crazy Love - Michael Bublé

Home - Michael Bublé


A Task For You (that's my thinly-veiled attempt to ask a favour)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Since I abandoned my NaNo novel in early January, I didn't write anything until last week. It's not that I planned to take a break after that 8-week long binge of writing, it was more...I just didn't. I've been a bit blocked, really, and it sucks.

But last week, a literary agent put up a contest on her blog where she gave 5 words to us and we had to create a story in 100 words or less using those words anywhere.  (No, the prize wasn't a book deal, it was an ARC of Insurgent!) I didn't win, but I forgot how much fun it is to write--especially when you're given a prompt.

Which is where you come in!

I can't offer a prize or what have you (aside from a shout out on the blog, which we can pretend is worth something!), but I was hoping you guys could help! I tried just tossing random words into a box and pulling 5, but it feels contrived since it's still me ultimately doing it. SO!

You: give me 5-7 words.
Any. Make them random or related or personal or pick up the nearest book and open to a page and pick a few words.  Give me one set, five sets, twenty sets if you feel up for it!

Me: I'll take those words and make a story in 200-words or less (I'm wordy, I need to give myself a bit of leeway here!).

If someone(s) do(es) give me words (leave them in the comments or e-mail me, whichever you're comfortable with! You could even tweet me if you'd like), I'll post up my story along with links to whoever provided me the word prompts. I even invite others to do their own from the same words!

I just think getting words from other people will help me with creativity, and not one where I pretend I'm doing it but I've actually chosen 5 words that are already coming together as a story in my head (not that I'd ever do that...because it'd be cheating...).

I appreciate the help to pull me out of this writing funk!


The start of another week

Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Monday, darlings!  How was your weekend?

I had a surprisingly lovely and fun-filled weekend. My brother and dad drove to Phoenix for two days to see the Clippers v. Suns game, so Friday night was just me and my mom hanging out. We went to dinner and grocery shopping (something I normally hate, but having my mom there was fun -- and we were at Trader Joe's, which is like Heaven to me) and had a generally easy-going ladies night.

Saturday I went to the Wild Animal Park! Even though I've lived in San Diego for 12 years, even had a Zoo membership for 2 years, I've never been before! My brother's girlfriend has a membership, which allows her to bring in a guest for free; so she was nice enough to let me accompany. And I have to say, it was a ton of fun!  A pretty good work out too, because it's super hill-y and you have to walk along a ton of trails to get everywhere. It's a massive park (bigger in acreage than the World Famous San Diego Zoo!), but it seems very...accessible. You don't leave feeling like you missed dozens of animals.

I'm crap at taking pictures and the above is literally the only one I took: a rhino and her baby!  Adorable (and I swear they are there, just look for legs right at the center). I really recommend going to the Wild Animal Park if you're in the area and have the time. It's so much fun and you learn a lot of really interesting things. Plus, I got to see a Cheetah run! And a lioness yawn literally 2 feet in front of me! And a mini-Buckbeak-like bird (they exist!)! Three of the grander things in nature, I think.

The park closes at 5, so after we wasted time in Target and had a fabulous time. We cooked dinner at my house and then met up with a few of our other friends to hang out and get boba. Delicious.

Sunday was a beautiful day in San Diego: 85*, blazing sun but not the stifling heat. It was perfect, and I spent it sitting outside my beloved Coffee Bean, a book in hand and drink on the table. I didn't open my computer, I tucked my phone away in my purse, put headphones in on low volume...absolute bliss.

This week is a bit unknown, as I finally finished the majority of the project I was working on for work last Thursday - and I don't know if I'm being asked to stay to finish up the smaller parts. So uh...I may be unemployed? I really don't know. But that's ok, because I have a massive stack of books calling my name as well as a resume to finally finish up to find a more permanent job.  I've also gotten some ideas for blog posts, which I'm excited to write up and share!

Tell me, what was the best part of your weekend?


The worst part about this week

Friday, March 2, 2012

was realizing I lost a story I'd written last year :( I swore it was backed up on one of my hard drives or uploaded to my Google Docs, but I cannot find any trace of the file -- and the laptop I'd written it on is long gone now.  It was a 65k novel about a woman who ran the USA house at the Winter Olympics, and even though I'd kind of given up on it I had every intention to revisit it at a later date.  I actually liked some of the scenes I'd written.

This makes me sad. And pretty much sucks.

Back up your work and double-triple-quadruple check it, kids.


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