And yet another strange dream.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm one of those people who dreams often, in color, about every thing in my life.  Now, you may ridicule me if you like, but I firmly believe that dreams mean something.  Too many times have my dreams come up as manifestations of my current life or situation for me to ignore them.  I very much believe that dreams are showing you your life, perhaps in perspectives you would not normally have yourself.  Maybe it's not exact, and maybe sometimes it's just a single element that actually relates to you.

But even I can admit that some dreams are pretty danged far-fetched.  I've shared some strange dreams here before, but one of my recent ones is pretty far out there.  Only boys were in it, for one, which is...weird. I can't even really remember what it was about--all I know is that I was on some sort of scavenger hunt--but the cast of characters was utterly ridiculous.  Ridiculous! Let's try to figure out what they all have in common with each other, shall we?

Pablo: A boy from HS who I have not talked to since June 2005.  I hated him the moment I met him, but we eventually became amazing friends.  His main goal of our entire relationship is to embarrass me, starting with the fact that his nickname for me is "Sexy."  And he actually calls me that, in public, regardless who is around.  He once yelled it down one of the school halls right after the bell rang.

Alex: The only boy I've ever said I was in love with. While I'm not sure how true that was, I definitely felt as though I loved him. He did not return this love, and we settled into the troublesome relationship of best friends with me wanting much, much more.  Complicated and dramatic (mostly on my part), most notably when he started dating several of our friends.  Our friendship ended in 10th grade after an explosive fight, resulting in an incredibly angst-ridden 2 year depression. We're friends now, but I haven't spoken to him in about 3 years.

Anthony Bourdain: Yep.  You read that right.  As in, No Reservations, Kitchen Confidential, occasional Top Chef judge, Chef Anthony Bourdain. I admit to having an irrational love for the man, but...dream-worthy love? I don't know.  But he was there, and we were hangin' out in a bathroom.  He was sitting on the countertop, chatting with me as I washed my hands.

David: I surely hope this is not awkward for you to read David, because...yeah.  A guy whose blog I follow.  One of my favourite bloggers, yes, but I've never met him before, and we've never spoken aside from comments.  Which made it supremely weird in my dream, since he's pretty much a profile picture in my head.  I don't even remember what we were doing, but I was walking with him on a sidewalk.  He was nice, at least!

A2A: Name hidden, since he's the only one in this entire dream cast that I hang out with in real life still.  He's one of my brother's best friends, and he's basically a brother figure to me.  What's funny is that he wasn't even doing anything in the dream.  He was just...standing.  Hanging out.

Ross: Ah, the boy of my dreams since 7th grade.  Except not really anymore, he's just an incredibly attractive, intelligent boy.  He's a guy I'll always kind of like, despite the fact that I wouldn't even be with him if I could.  I'm fairly positive it's all for sentiments sake.

Mystery Boy in a Hat: While MBiaH never spoke or interacted with me, I instinctively knew it was one of two people.  Either Anthony Burrell, an incredible dancer who I've never met and know about only because he auditioned for this season's So You Think You Can Dance (and was wrongfully cut); or, a boy named Derek who was my very best friend my senior year of high school and even though we've grown apart, will always remain to be one of the best memories and relationships in my life.  What's odd is that Anthony is a tall, muscular black man whereas Derek is a skinny, gangly white boy.  How the hat managed to obscure the identity, I will never know. what do these boys all have in common that could lead them into my dream at night?  Here's the answer: NOTHING.  There is literally nothing that ties them all together, except that they all (presumably) possess the same anatomy.  I mean, I haven't even spoken to most of them in the last 5 years, if ever!  I wish I could remember what we were doing, aside from searching for things from a list. I know I had my arm hooked through Ross's arm at one point, but then I left him to go walk with David, who handed me an object I no longer remember.  But that's all I've got--and a bathroom stop with Anthony Bourdain.

He didn't even bring me food.



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