Creep-Out: Men With Long Nails

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tell me: is there any reason why a man would have long nails?  And I mean LONG.  Longer than mine (and mine are currently quite extensive.  Nothing Guinness Book long, but enough).  I honestly want to know if there is any sensible reason.

Not saying women have a sensible reason to have long nails.  It's a whole vanity thing.  Plus, it's a fun canvas.

The man ringing up my purchases today at Borders (bought The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova.  Highly recommended to me, and on sale for $6!) had ridiculously long nails, and I couldn't help but be entirely creeped out.  It was definitely past the point of laziness and neglect; it was plain length.  I'm pretty sure he tapped the keys on the register with his nails; and I know for a fact that if he were to type on a keyboard, he would have to readjust his finger placement.

So, I wonder: why?!  The only reason I've ever known men to have long nails is for drug use.  General assumption is long pinky nails = powdered drug use.  Borders Man did have 10 fingers with long nails, so...lots of drug use?

Really.  If you have an answer for me as to why a man would have that, any sort of idea, I'm open to it.  I felt bad for feeling a bit of revulsion when he reached out to take my money.  And it's not like he had dirty nails, either (that is a HUGE turn-off for me)--they were fine.  Nothing extraordinarily clean, but it didn't have little flecks of dirt flying off.  I don't think it helped that he was in a very crabby mood (frowny-face) and had really long, very greasy black hair.  It just didn't help paint his image that well.

On a semi-related but not really note, I went next door to the Best Buy and purchased I Love You, Man (hi Sarah!).  The guy who rang me up was super nice!  Very nice.  He asked how my day was, and then started talking to me about the movie, and asked about my life, and asked what I'd done that day, and...asked...and asked...and kept asking.  Still nice, but suspicious.  I mean, he was the only checker and there was a line behind me.  And then I figured it out: he liked my voice.  My "I've been sick for two and a half weeks, am now in the coughing stage, croaking" voice.  What is it about this sick voice that everyone says is so "sexy"?!  The two times in my life I've had laryngitis, all the boys came barkin' up this tree because they thought my voice was "sexy."  Please; I sound like I'm dying or I'm about to projective vomit all over you.  That ain't sexy.

Unless I'm wrong.

And before you ask, Best Buy Boy was cute...but young.  Probably 16.  Talk to me in 20 years, kid.


April E. :) January 14, 2010 at 7:22 AM  

Ewww, you are right...that is totally gross. I say's a part of personal grooming...and if the nails are groomed...then my imagination has no bounds to the dirtiness of said long-nailed gentlemen! :P
My Husby is a police officer and he says sometimes men keep their thumb or pinky nail long to cut maybe this guy was a super crack cutter in his free time! I have also heard of men keeping their nails long for playing the guitar...however I know of no such man who plays with all 10 finger (nails)!

So, let's just say he is grossly unkept...eww!

TheBigShowAtUD January 14, 2010 at 1:32 PM  

that's not hot, is it? even if it is, i'm not doing it.

there's a guy at Walmart with really long nails, but no one taps that register faster than he. it's really something to see, once you get over the nails thing.

and... you want a guy in his thirties, huh? haha.

Ashley R January 15, 2010 at 9:21 PM  

@April - usually for guitar playing you keep the strumming hand's nails long (automatic picks), but the other hand has to be short in order to hold the strings on the fretboard. i'm really starting to think drugs are the only answer!

@TheBigShow - definitely not hot. though i am glad that regardless, you wouldn't do it :) and no, not really in his 30s...i just think a 36/44 year old relationship is more appropriate than a current 16/22 one. aside from the legalities, of course haha.

Anonymous,  February 27, 2010 at 3:19 PM  

Ashley, this is ridiculous. Why a man should not have long nails? Mine are several inches long! And jst for girls! They love my nails.

Anonymous,  May 20, 2010 at 5:19 PM  

eh... Maybe if they're a Classical/Spanish Guitarist... but then it's only gonna be long on 1 hand.. and only on the thumb and 1st 3 fingers(not the pinky) but some people let them all grow long initially or after a breaks in order to see natural growth pattern of the nail and once they reach proper length be shaped to suit playing needs... just a thought!

Anonymous,  August 30, 2010 at 3:26 PM  

Some men just like growing their nails long - call it vanity, personal pleasure, "feminine side", whatever. Ask why some women grow their nails long! Just get over it.

Anonymous,  April 17, 2012 at 4:57 AM  

I like growing my nails long because it keeps me from biting them down to bleeding get it bleeding whats better ten bleeding fingernails or long nice nails

Anonymous,  April 17, 2012 at 5:20 AM  

I grow them long because i can most everyone in this world would love to grow long nails boys or girls men have long hair now its just a matter of time for men who want to grow there nails long and not have to deal with the looks men grow faster stronger and harder nails then girls anyway so why not if you can grow them go head most every women in this world would die for some of the long nails that guys have and thats fact

Anonymous,  January 8, 2013 at 9:07 PM  

I dont understand it if the reason is vanity. Imagine being intimate with such a guy who has long nails ( on both hands ). It could feel like being touched by a girl! I know a guy with long fingernails and toenails. I find it completely repulsive.

Anonymous,  February 17, 2013 at 2:29 PM  

I'm a guy and I have always had long nails, and it doesn't matter I've been intimate with my girlfriend and she loves the fact I have them, but if she hated them would I cut them off? NO because you don't change yourself for a person, just like how I'm not going to change for people who are ignorant and don't understand and won't wake up to see the real world, Men can be beautiful too, and well if you don't like it then go and find another dude or move on, Social appearance is nothing more than a fashion statement period. It's not like were murdering or causing crime, its my body not yours, so I get to do whatever I want with it.

Anonymous,  March 5, 2013 at 10:22 PM  

Woooow. Okay. MAN, herr. Let me interpret for ya. Men with long fingernails tend to be of a mindset opposed to following the conformity of general acceptance. This tends to happen when man thinks about why he is human and grows such things as hair and nails. Hmm.

Despite current views of society, nails are useful. All this nonsense about cleanliness, drug use, laziness, etc are completely unfounded and massively ignorant statements. If men want to feel closer to their natural, animalistic nature let them..if he discovers he can use it as a tool, (screwdriver, pry, pick, tweezers, scraper, guide, cutter, etc.) That he can pick up hot things with just his nails, that he feels new sensation and has new protection with his longer nails.. Or maybe something else entirely. Personally, i am a masseuse for a travel company and grew my nails longer after learning a method of stimulation where they are necessary. You all need to break out of your box and see that it is a tool and WE ARE MEANT TO HAVE AND USE THEM. think about what other body parts society makes people cut off. I'll have no part.

Anonymous,  April 23, 2014 at 8:54 AM  

I just found this post today but I wanna answer anyway :D

I usually keep my fingernails on the right hand long (not disgustingly long but long enough) so that guitar playing would be easier (without a pick). The ones on the left hand are reguraly trimmed down though so my hands look weird.

Anonymous,  April 29, 2014 at 5:22 PM  

its alright for you to have long nails. Why ?

Anonymous,  April 29, 2014 at 5:24 PM  

everybody knows why everybody grows long nails. its a big turn on. R I g h t

Anonymous,  June 13, 2016 at 8:53 PM  

I'm a man,in love long nails,but can't have them because of my work, ,,BUT,I have long toenails, ,really long ,clean,shaped,polished toenails,& a lot of people love them when I posted pics on facebook, ,,,for pics,contact me, ( )

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