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Monday, January 4, 2010

I was going to do a Wrap-Up '09 post, but doing the blog challenge made me reflect enough. And what I didn't talk about, I probably don't want to revisit. Besides, it's only last year...there are more important things.

Like the decade being over! In honor of 10 years of life being over (that I fully remember) and my first 10 years being in one country, I figure I'll do a decade in memories. That'll come at a later date, when I feel better. As it is, I'm a bit healthier now. Still a bit stuffy, and my throat seems to want in on the action now. But I'm getting there--enough for a blog post, anyway! And for a revamp of my site. I was going to say "new year, new blog layout," but that'd be a lie. I changed it because I hated how my grey background was showing up on my iPod Touch. No, really. It just coincided nicely with Earth beginning one more revolution.

So, again, Happy New Year! How is 2010 shaping up for all of you? Mine has been...uneventful. Unless you count being in Vegas an event, even though nothing too exciting happened. For the record, I went to Vegas for New Years and didn't gamble a penny or drink a drop of alcohol. It can be done, people. I did, however, manage to be a grumpy grouch and piss off every member of my family. And, despite my numerous denials that I don't know everyone, I ran into a grand total of 5 people I know at my hotel (the Monte Carlo, for those wondering). Incidentally, I also awkwardly avoided 5 people I knew in Vegas.

You know, I just don't really like Las Vegas. It's so weird with the weather and it's so damn dry (seriously, cracks in my skin that possibly expose the center of the earth) and I just get shocked everywhere (I'm talking sparks, kids) and it's so expensive and there are so many douchey guys and slutty girls. I saw a girl wearing a shirt I own--except she wore it as a dress. I assure you, it's a shirt. I can also assure you that she shaves. And when did Planet Hollywood turn into douchebagassholery central? Because really, I had to get out of there about 3 seconds after I walked in. The amount of leers increased 67% (scientifically proven) the second I went in there; and I can tell you that I was definitely not wearing anything that garnered that kind of look. Not to mention snot probably dripping out my nose and terrible, hacking breaths coming haphazardly out of my open mouth. I mean, if some prick whose bicep size is bested only by his ego is willing to make inappropriate comments to me, there is no telling what he would do for some girl whose dress is about as low as her IQ. The entire place was just...creepy. It's like everyone who wishes they could be in Hollywood decided to shack up in Planet Hollywood; all puffed-up conceit and nothing to show.

How about a picture?
apologies it's small and the quality is crap - I took it on my BlackBerry. I unfortunately forgot my camera this night, so I had to leave it to the BB. This is part of the winter/Christmas display at the Bellagio. It was a beautiful display, filled with a lot of Christmas cheer. To be fair, there are parts of Vegas I like. The Bellagio, for one. The Jean Philippe Pâtisserie at the Aria and Bellagio and their fucking amazing Nutella crêpes. The entire Aria hotel, which is stunning. The architecture of the hotels. The little tram between the Monte Carlo, Crystals, and Bellagio. The fountain show. How that city really never does rest; my brother and I went out at 3am and there were just as many people out as there where when we checked in at 1pm. The buffets. The Fatburger and McDonalds right next to each other. How I can go to any street corner and get a business-card sized picture of a nude woman with massive fake boobs and an eeny-weeny-teeny-tiny g-string bikini.

So 2010! I'm pretty determined to get my shit together right now. I guess you could call it 'resolutions', but I've never been one to keep them. I'm hoping some sort of reverse-psychology-type thing happens, in that if I don't call it a resolution I will keep to it, as I apparently have some aversion to keeping resolutions. I basically took half a year off from life. Yes, I job searched a bit, but I was never serious about it. I'm starting to get that itch of needing something to do, needing to fill my days with something other than my Google Reader. This might also have to do with getting my first bill to start repaying my college loans, but who can really say? I need a job, I need to get back to freelancing, I need to do something with myself. So that's resolution promise swear goal possibility thought #1: get shit together.

Thought #2 is the typical exercise thing everyone does. Except mine is more going to be "work on being healthy," steps, kiddies. Baby steps. I'll gradually build from just jogging around my neighbourhood to more.

Thought #3: Stop reading books so much. Weird resolution, right? Well, I have a sneaking suspicion that books are the root of a lot of my issues. I pick reading a book over going out in less than a heartbeat (read: anti-social). I spend my time in libraries rather than out somewhere else (again, anti-social. And quiet). I pick reading over exercise (thought 2). I just let books suck up all my time and energy. And while it's good for me and my writing path, it's bad for my health and sanity. I spend so much time in other people's words and worlds that I very rarely figure out mine.

Thought #4: By the end of the year, I will have given up soda. Yes, I will.

I'm sure there are more, but I have no idea. Nothing I want to actually commit to (commitment issues? what? why would you ever say that?! didn't? My mistake.), and nothing solid enough where I'm sure I could give it a real shot. I realized that I have been watching a lot of movies this year, though. Not new ones in a theatre, but just any movies. It stems from going to the library twice a week, but it's still interesting since I very rarely see movies. Seriously. Anyone I know in real life can tell you how sad my list of movies is. Tell me your favourite movie; there's about a 98% chance I haven't seen it. Clueless? Sorry, haven't a clue. Saving Private Ryan? Sorry, he's still out there somewhere. Gladiator? Sorry, I've lost that fight. Bad puns? Oh, right, not a movie. Anyway, I was thinking of making movie watching into some sort of resolution Thought, but we'll see.

Well, this post is an eternity long, innit? Apologies, I guess I got overzealous since it's been so long since I've blogged! Hopefully I'll be back to my 100% health soon and regular schedule.

PS. I have been alerted (thanks to Stephany and Vivian!) that the comment function on my blog is a bit off. I'm working on re-doing coding to see if I can get the scroll bar into the verification, but if not a new layout will have to come since this is a "pre-packaged" sort of thing. For now though, if you want to comment, press TAB at the verification code rather than try to scroll. Sorry for the inconvenience, guys!


Stephen K January 7, 2010 at 7:47 AM  

I must say I'm very much against anyone reading LESS. How about compromise, bring a book with you for the journey to and from your night out? That's what I do!

Also, new layout? Funky! Time will tell whether I prefer it or not :P

p.s. it also makes it VERY much harder to post comments. Ask someone else, they'll say the same thing. Sort that out or how can we all leave you little notes of love?!

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