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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm kind of a big sucker for awards shows.  There are some I pass up (Critic's Choice Awards, AMAs, any on MTV), but most of them I will watch, and definitely the big name ones I am guaranteed to have it on.  Grammys, Tonys, Golden Globes, Oscars, Billboard Music Awards....yeah I'm on it.  I can't explain it, but I really dig the celebrity life.  Not in the sense that I want to have their life and live all the glamour or whatever, but i'm oddly fascinated in their interactions with other celebrities, and the opinions of each other.  Which all come together nicely at award shows.

I rarely do any written commentary on the shows, and even less do I ever do anything with outfits.  If you know me, fashion doesn't really factor into my life.  Before I was 18, I got on with jeans, sneakers and a sweatshirt.  In college, I got on with jeans, slippers (or flip-flops, as I guess non-Asians call them), and layered shirts of a deep-v over a cami/tank.  Now?  I get on in yoga pants and t-shirts.  I'm sure that'll morph when I finally get a job, but you get the point.  What the hell do I know about couture and the like?  Aside from Project Runway, my reportoire is non-existent.

BUT!  Let's alter that a bit and learn some fun things about me using the attendees and the outfits of Golden Globe goers, shall we?

I thought I'd show Marion Cotillard first, because hohmygodiloveher.  BUT...I don't love this outfit.  I want to so badly, and it's so close.  But I can't take the little chunk cut out at the front.  If it had been full, I think I would have adored it.  I do think she still looks beautiful, because...she's Marion.  And the reason I put her here (other than the fact hohmygodiloveher) is because she's French, and I love France and the French language, and--I'm gonna say it--the French.  France is a country dear to my heart for very specific memories, and I've been speaking French since I was 4 years old and I find it so beautiful.

I adore Tina Fey.  She's so brilliant in everything she does.  And really, 30 Rock is possibly some of the best television ever.  BUT...cute as she is here...and other than the fact the dress kind of hurts my eyes (patterned black and whites don't do well with my eyesight)...I feel like the dress makes her look short!  I don't actually know how tall she is (quick Google check: 5'4"), but it doesn't do any favours.  Seeing as how I myself am a measly 5'3", I try to avoid seeming my height or lower in formal situations.

Anna Paquin is weird for me.  I hated her dress the first moment I saw it (which was during the ceremony, because I didn't watch any red carpet arrivals...I was too busy watching my Chargers lose and my boy place second at Nationals...*sob sob*).  But the more I stare at it, the more I come around to it.  It's not anything I'd ever wear (too bright), but...I kinda like it.  It reminds me of mosaic art and the museums I'd go to and some of the street art I'd see when I was walking around Italy.  If that dress were in a solid, dark colour I would totally rock it...and if I had a body remotely acceptable for that kind of exposure.  I also included her (and Stephen Moyer) because they represent True Blood, a terribly horrible show (at least Season 1, since that's all I saw) that I just can't stop watching.  I am just as liable to watch brilliant shows like 30 Rock as I am to watch trash TV like True Blood.

Christina Aguilera.  So the thing is, I love her music.  Her album Stripped is on my top favourite albums ever.  How does that voice fit in such a small body?!  I was never a big fan of her Stripped-era style, nor do I like the throwback one she was rocking awhile for the Back 2 Basics era.  But I feel like she looked so good at these awards!  It's classy and sophisticated while still being weird enough for her.  I still don't like her hair color, but I do like the cut.  It's just so nice to see someone I loved still around, and doing well.

So, I put this in because...seriously, I want to hang out with these three.  I'll be honest and say that I've only seen one Scorsese film (The Departed)--and I know, I know, I'll work on fixing that--and I really haven't seen many DeNiro films.  But how fucking awesome would it be to go to lunch with these three, or a jog in the park, or whatever!?  And...hello Leo.  He-LLO.

Keeping with people I want to hang out with, Meryl Streep.  But really, I just kind of want to be her.  I hope that one day I have the poise and grace and ease this woman does.  And I really hope I am respected in whatever business I end in, just as she is.

While I'm wishing for things, can I also have Jennifer Aniston's body?  I mean, before I get all the poise and grace from Meryl.  How the hell does it look like not a moment in time has passed from the first time I saw her as Rachel Greene in 1994?!  While the slit is just a liiiiiiittle too high for my taste, I do like the dress.  And, of course I had to put someone representative of Friends on this list, because it's such a part of my life I can never not put it in.

GLEE!!  Many, many congratulations to them on their win!  Dianna Agron (left) is possibly my Best In Show.  I don't normally think much of her (sorry!), but holy crap she looks stunning.  Her make-up, her jewelry, the dress....love love love.  And I've loved Lea Michelle since her days in Spring Awakening.  I hate princess dresses, but I do love this one for her.  Besides, it's in black, so I can forgive the massive poof.  I put them in because it's just all a big musical mess, and I love me my musicals!  Matt Morrison, and his voice, and his dreaminess...yes.

Which leads me to boys!  I don't discuss love life much on this blog (it's kind of non-existent at the moment anyway), but lets just set that aside for this.  So first, I will admit that I have a Type.  It's not a solid type--I mean, the rules are a bit flexible, but in general, if you know it, you could pick out the man in a crowded room.  So, unfortunately, no one that fit my bill was at the awards, BUT...as I said, I'm flexible, right?  Yes, let's!

Oh, Neil Patrick Harris.  NPH.  See, what's not my Type is blondes.  However, I will look past that for Neil, because he is possibly perfect for me.  Aside from the blonde.  And...you know...not really into my gender.  I mean, I could look past it, that's cool, but I would think he'd have a problem with it.  If he doesn't though, send him my way!  The amount of charisma NPH has just defies reality.  Have you seen Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog?  Because if not, please go promptly to Hulu, and don't talk to me until you have.  Have you seen NPH do magic?  Because it really is magic (puns!).  He even makes the most sexist man on television (Barney Stinson) lovable.  I mean...really.  And if the rumors are true about him guesting on Glee, I seriously think I will have a heart attack and die.  DIE.

See, dark hair, as exhibited by Chace Crawford.  Even though he dyes it funny and on occasion is blonde.  But dark hair.  Yes please.  So, Chace is here for two reasons.  1) His eyes. Oh his beautiful, beautiful eyes.  I don't have an eye color preference, because mine are the standard dark brown and who am I to reject what I have?  But his...oh, so beautiful.  An ocean of blue, and so much more stunning when they're looking at you.  How do I know this?  This leads to 2) I've met him.  Yes, be jealous ladies, I have.  And seriously, he is so nice, and so adorable, and rather charming.  Initially I decided to go meet him because I needed an event to cover for a journalism thing (hi Vivian!), but let's be real: he's hot.  And it was so worth it.  And because I like to parade this little gem around (please ignore me and my terrible hair and glasses that needed to be pushed up):

Moving along (almost done here kids, I know this is super long), let's actually get into the good things.  The things that count.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  I mean, I do think he's quite attractive, but I also find that he seems to be pretty grounded.  He seems so intelligent and passionate and creative.  I love the work he does, and I honestly think he's become such a solid man.  I know I've never met him so this could all be crap, but let me just believe, ok?  Ok.

And lastly, but ever so not least, what it all comes down to is I would like a man who is gracious enough to do this, and lovable enough to do it with a smile on his face:

all photos taken from JJB, but I'm pretty sure most of them are from Just Jared.  Apologies for those not!


Vivian January 20, 2010 at 5:27 PM  

That last photo of Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger (srs lady crush) is the best.

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