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Thursday, April 8, 2010

I was hoping to have some mind-boggling (mind-bottling..."you know, when things are so crazy it gets your thoughts all trapped, like in a bottle"+), enlightening post as my return from my Laptop Limitation thingamajig.  I wanted to answer your Big Questions, tell you how the world was created, hint at the answer to life, and basically blow your friggen' mindholes.

Buuuuuuuut...yeah.  Alls I got is a badly placed quote+ from Blades of Glory (which I still maintain to have one of the greatest chase scenes of all time), a few serious topics from the past week, and a throwback to the times of tests so I can tell you more things in the complicated-but-entertaining-for-me Q&A format.

There was a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Baja California (Mexico) on Sunday.  It was so strong that not only did SD feel it, but LA and Arizona did, too.  ARIZONA.  I mean, I had no idea they could have earthquakes there!  Obviously of course I knew, logically, technically, sensibly...but no. Regardless, that was the strongest and longest earthquake I've ever experienced (and I've gone through my fair share), and it was slightly terrifying.  Normally, quakes are so commonplace I wouldn't even bother to mention them, but this one was kinda scary.  We actually moved to the archway in the middle of my house--which never happens, normally we all just sit where we are and wait the 10 seconds until it's done.  I couldn't believe how long it lasted (35-40 seconds), and I'm 100 miles away from the epicentre! It's a bit surreal standing and watching your house, your very foundation, the freakin' earth shaking and rocking and going up and down.  And all you can do is wait.  Mexicali did suffer some damage (and one death, unfortunately), but we were very fortunate that everything is fine.  Aside from my DVDs and books being moved from their shelves and a good lot of our items in the curio cabinets being tipped over, all is well.  Though I have to admit, the resulting aftershocks have been ridiculous.  They register as high as 5+ on the Richter sometimes!  I can't believe I'm actually getting used to hearing my windows shake and feel my bed move.

On a happy note, I have health insurance!  I think.  My application was approved, and they charged us the money, so I better fuckin' have it.  Which is nice, knowing that I have at least some sort of coverage.  Load off my shoulders, at any rate.

Q: True or False: I bought a new shower curtain, and this is a highlight of the week.
A: It's true. It's purrrrdy because it's horizontal stripes of various grey tones.  I also enjoyed redecorating the bathroom my brother and I share while he was gone on the East Coast and therefore had no say in it.

Q: T/F: I went to the same library on three separate occasions in one singular day.
A: It's true. I started to get funny looks.  But I can't help it that I forgot some books the first time around, and then had to meet my mom there the third time!

Q: T/F: I will be purchasing black, plastic, thick-framed glasses very soon.
A: False.  So false.  First, I can't stand thick-framed glasses (yes, I consider mine thin).  And second, I can't wear plastic frames because I don't have a bridge on my nose for them to rest on.  I have the flattest surface of face ever, except for where my unfortunate Leno-like chin and small round tip of nose pokes out.  So, plastic frames are a no-go; all they do is slip down and then move every time my chubby cheeks move.  However, a purchase of thin-black framed glasses with nose pads will be purchased soon.

Q: T/F: I want the iPad.
A: Surprisingly, false!  Would I turn it down if given one?  No.  Am I willing to shell out money I don't have on it?  No.  I'm waiting for the new, higher tech version.  Or, honestly, I've always thought the Microsoft Courier would be better for me.

Q: T/F: I am sore as shit right now, and it almost hurts to move.
A: Painfully true.  I worked out for the first time in...forever.  I probably shouldn't have done it when I still only have minimal breathing function out of my nose, and I probably should have started slower, but that would have involved thinking, and I didn't do that.  I hurt so hard that it pains me to move my legs.  Just sitting cross legged as I am now kind of burns.  But...pain is progress, right?  RIGHT?!

Q: T/F: In a debate of Las Vegas v. Phoenix, I am heavily favouring Phoenix.
A: It's kind of true.  My parents are going to Phoenix for a weekend, while a large chunk of friends are going to Las Vegas that same weekend.  Both sets have invited me along.  While I would love to hang out with my friends, I've never been in Phoenix (long enough to explore, anyway).  And I know, it's Phoenix, what could possibly be so awesome as to beat out a night of clubs and partying and alcohol and WOO!  Well, first, I don't really do all that, but mostly it's just the plain fact that I've been to Vegas, and my increasing need to go anywhere I've never been is winning.

Q: T/F: April 13 will be the happiest day of the year.

Q: T/F: Justin Bieber's "Baby" is on a CD in my car, and I purposely burned that song into it.
A: Deny deny deny.

Q: T/F: So is Nick Jonas's "Who I Am".

Q: T/F: In the last two days, you have learned not to Google "condom commercial" or "The Naked Chef" unless filters are very strongly on.
A: So very, very true.  The internet is a weird, weird place, man.  But bright side, if you ever want a forum to discuss condom commercials and the cinematography and accuracy of how the condom is portrayed in the commercial, boy do I have the place for you!

Q: T/F: I can't wait to try that KFC monstrosity called the Double Down, as pictured:
Bacon, 2 slices of cheese, KFC sauce between 2 chicken filets
A: THIS IS SO FALSE I WANT TO DIE.  Do you see that?!  It literally repulses me.  I want to vomit.

Q: T/F: I am seriously considering going back to school for an architecture degree.
A:  Mostly false...but a little bit true.  I considered it for a brief, delusional 3 minutes of my life.  I love architecture and am slightly obsessed with houses and structures and the design of them.  Granted, I know next to nothing about it, but it's something I enjoy and would love to create.  But then I remembered how absolute crap I am at math, and the dream died.  I mean, I had to cry in front of my teacher to get my C in AP Calculus so I wouldn't get my admission to university revoked.  I'm that bad.

Q: T/F: I am slightly concerned because everyone and their got-damn-mothers are pregnant/engaged/married/buying their own place/any or all combinations* of previous choices.
A: False.  I AM FREAKING THE FUCK OUT.  What is up with the world?!  Because holy geez one of my old roommates got married and 4 girls I know got engaged and 2 girls just announced their pregnancy and 2 couples I know just closed on their houses even though we are in our early 20s and this was just from this past week!  And here I am, living with my parents, alone, with zero prospects at someone buying me a drink at a bar.  Yeah.  This is good.

Q: T/F: I will be caught up on my Reader very soon, so you'll all get lovely comments within the next 20 hours.
A: I so wish.  Since no blog reading happened during my Limitation, I currently sit at 734 unread items in my Reader--which I'm sure will increase by the time I get to start reading them tomorrow.  Awesome.

Q: T/F: I kept to my Laptop Limitation, save for 2 days in which I was on the computer for 2 hours rather than 1.
A: Mostly true.  Mostly.  Ish?

Q: T/F: I have not had soda since Monday.
A: Unfortunately, false.  Had one with lunch yesterday--but seriously, you try eating Filipino food without soda.  I'm pretty sure that stuff is flavor profiled to combine with soda.  But at least that's the only one I've had for the week, right?

Q: Was this Q&A form really a throwback to high school test times, or was it a thinly-veiled way of doing bullet points without actual bullet points?
A: No comment.

Images 1 and 2 from weheartit, KFC screencap from overflowing
*What the fuck, Blogger--"combinations" is most definitely a word.  GET RID OF THAT STUPID RED SQUIGGLY LINE UNDER IT.  You recognize hullabaloo but not combinations...*shakes head*


Another David April 9, 2010 at 7:49 AM  

I hear you on the engagements/pregnancies. I'm just like... guys, we are 22 and 23. Are you really sure you know what you want for the rest of your life already??

Juliana April 11, 2010 at 11:17 AM  

I love your T/F and you do NOT suck at life at all:)

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