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Saturday, February 20, 2010

You would think that something as necessary as a bathroom would be kind of...fool-proof.  I mean, everyone has to use them, it's required in all buildings, it's kind of a standard.  I'm not asking for extravagance; I don't need some self-cleaning bowl or high-powered dryer with auto-spritzing or a massive stand filled with spray goodies and pampering whachamacallits.  Give me a toilet to pee in, toilet paper, a sink (preferable with knobs to turn, but I'll deal with the push-button ones), and a dryer (paper towels preferable).  It's simple.  It's easy.  It should be idiot proof.

I do not understand how something so simple can go so wrong.

The girls' bathroom at a certain library near my house has one of the most poorly planned facilities I've ever come across.  There are some good things, like that it does in fact have a toilet bowl as opposed to a hole in the ground or something.  And there was one roll of toilet paper for the two stalls, which we can see as a 'glass half full' if need be.

However.  The doors of the two stalls opened out into each other, so only one could be opened at once.  Which, ok, not that important, we're all intelligent enough to figure out the order to open a stall door (unless you designed this bathroom.  OH SNAP).  Fine.

But then...the sink.

Do you see how it extends over the counter?  You stand a lot farther from the faucet, which is incredibly inconvenient when you are...*ahem*...not-so-vertically-inclined.  Mostly though, I'm not sure if you can see in the photo, but the closer the basin gets to the edge, the shallower it gets.  The spray of water that comes out hits about two inches from the edge, so it splatters EVERYWHERE.  It's basically shooting a spray of water onto a flat surface.  All the droplets splash out of the basin and the entire front of your shirt looks as though you decided to dump a bucket down your torso.  Awesome.  I expected more from you, Kohler.  Not a bold look.

And lastly, the dryer.  It gets demerits for being an automatic air dryer rather than paper towels (and I'm not acknowledging any responses that have the word "eco-friendly" in it), and for not being the timed one but rather the sensored one.  Which of course only sets off when you're one inch from the blower and gets too hot to keep your hand there for too long.  BUT...please view the picture.

Do you see how low that goddamn dryer is?!  It was well below my waist!  And I'm 5'3", my waist isn't that high off the ground to begin with.  For reference, I was holding my phone about chin level -- I tried at eye level, but the stupid dryer didn't even fit into the screen at that point.  If I'm getting a backache just to dry my hands, there's a problem.  And don't tell me it's "kid-friendly," because that sink extends so far that a child who is suitable to use the dryer wouldn't be able to use the sink without help!

I'm inclined to take my urine somewhere else, thankyouverymuch.

And yeah, I was totally in the bathroom, taking pictures because I was so irritated.  Thank God no one walked in and saw me, because that might not have gone over so well.


Stephany February 20, 2010 at 10:03 AM  

OK. WHAT is up with that restroom? SO WEIRD! That sink is probably the weirdest sink I have ever seen.

And I hate air dryers. I know they're more eco-friendly and whatever but they just annoy me. I need my paper towels!

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