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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

*deep breath*

I think that's the first one I've been able to take in awhile.  It sure feels like it, at least.  Not that I'm complaining - I'm kind of happy to have been busy, since it's been so long.  I'm getting that itch to do something and have plans to keep.  Which is a good thing, but...a bit terrifying.

Anyhow!  On Thursday, I got to see one of my best friends: Sarah!  You'd think we'd see each other more often, living in the same city (and we live relatively close), but somehow it doesn't happen.  Probably because I'm being really anti-social lately, but you know.  I'm very lucky that she knows how much I love her.  And when we do get to hang out, we always have a good time.  And while I'm not going to post too much of her stuff (else I'd be copying Vivian, who is equally as awesome as Sarah and deserves a visit to her blog!  If only to goggle her amazing style and wish you could pull off half the things she likes or wears.  Just me? Oh.), I do think you should click to Sarah's page and check out her art.  She's talented and raw and real and there is nobody like her.  I promise you'll be blown away.  A random sampling:
I think my favourite is the first one I posted, but...I don't think I could ever choose.

I guess I kind of lied about time.  I did have time on Friday, because all I did was go to the library for a few hours and then Best Buy.  It is a terrible, terrible thing that I love shitty movies because Best Buy was having a sale on a lot of them.  Five bucks, how can I turn that down?!  But luckily, I managed to control myself and picked up three movies.  Only one of which was actually bad!  (For the record, they were: Sunshine Cleaning, Moulin Rouge and Tristan + Isolde. Your choice which was the terrible one.)  And...so, this is a weird thing, and I know, but I accept it.  Whenever I'm feeling a bit...stalled...in life, I play the Sims 2.  You know, the simulation game of people and lives?  Yeah.  I usually play it because I like to design the houses and decorate rooms and stuff.  I hardly ever actually play, but I did this time.  Something about the fact I get to remove myself from my own life and start designing for others and work out a life for someone else...yeah. I know, I'm kind of a loser.  But for whatever reason, it helps.  As much as I had the time on Friday, I just couldn't seem to find the inspiration.  Which resulted in the Sims 2.  And my Sim (Henrieta Paree, if you're wondering) graduated college AND got engaged--now tell me how that wouldn't keep you busy??

Saturday!  Ah, Saturday.  I went out to lunch with another one of my best friends, and it was absolutely lovely.  We went to Panera (which is quickly becoming a second home) and talked for about two and a half hours.  For 10+ year best friends who used to speak every other day and then somehow went two months without much communication, that was pretty damn good for us both.  It was an interesting discussion and brought up many things...which will be discussed later on in the week!  We had to cut it short because we both had plans that night.  Now, I'm not a big club-goin' kind of gal, but I do like to bust a groove every now and again.  I'm so hip, I know.  My brother's girlfriend and another friend wanted to hit up a club called On Broadway that's in downtown San Diego, and I agreed to go.  I was a bit weary at first since I wasn't sure how my head would do in a dark club, but everything fared fine.

If you know me or my brother's girlfriend, you know we aren't the type to hit up the clubz.  So what was the reason, you ask?  Raise your hand if you've heard of that shitty reality TV show on MTV called Jersey Shore.  Pretty much every blogger has mentioned it somehow (positive or negative), every person has heard about it or knows about it or seen something.  Perhaps you read 2 Birds 1 Blog, whose episode wrap-ups are way more epic and entertaining than the actual show.  Well...I don't watch the show.  The first exposure I had to it was SNL's Weekend Update when Bobby Moynahan portrayed Snookie and Bill Hader busted out as The Situation...with back abs *BOOM*!   I had no idea, nor any interest.  And I still don't.  BUT...brother's gf super digs the show.  Super super.  So when we heard that Ronnie from Jersey Shore would be hosting the club On Broadway Saturday night...she had to go. She had. to. go.

And we went.  And this happened:
(friends blocked out since I didn't know if they want their pretty faces on the 'netz)

It was pretty much a "right place, right time" thing.  Which seems to happen to us a lot (or...once, really, but HEY--Seth Greene was pretty fucking awesome!).  He has a massively burly bodyguard, but we happened to be in the room where he was walking to go up the back stairs to the private section.  And you best BELIEEEEVE that brother's gf, our friend, and I chased him up the stairs and down the hall to get that photo.  Ronnie's blocking the sign behind him that says "Private Party."  We also ran into him twice more that night by pure stroke of luck--which I still don't care about, but apparently a lot of people wished they were me.  He was pretty nice to us, so at least there's that.  He was not nearly as obnoxious as he was on the show (bro's gf has made me watch 2 episodes), which is nice to see. Upon our return to my house, 10 of our friends were over playing poker and NBA Jam on the Super NES (Yeah, that's Super Nintendo.  Circa 1991.  That shit's real.), so I was awake until 6am.  Partially due to people being here, and partially due to the 3am McDonald's run that happened because I hadn't eaten since lunch with my friend.

And of course, Sunday was SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!!  My parents and I went down to the South Bay and had a football fiesta with some of my relatives.  It was relatively painless this year, since all of us seemed to be rooting for the same team (the past 3 years has been a bit of a tense time since we always developed stand offs).  For the record, I wasn't really cheering one team over the other.  I dig me some Peyton Manning (perhaps the most personable athlete today), but I'm always one for the underdog.  As much as I'd have preferred Drew Brees (WHO DAT?) to step it up while he was a Charger, I'm ok with this.  Besides, if you saw that ending footage of him holding his baby boy wearing the giant headphones as he cried wearing his SuperBowl LXIV champion hat, you'd have loved it, too.

Today (Monday) should have been much more productive, but it wasn't.  I slept a lot, because I was exhausted.  I had to run errands with my brother, and we ended up going to a Hollywood Video store closing to browse the movies they had, since everything was 60% off or more.  We ended up buying 8 movies, which seems ridiculous but they averaged $3 so it's fine.  AND I finally got the entire The Office (uk) Series--for freakin' $4!  I know it seems a bit sketch since you know they've been watched, but so far every disc seems to be working fine.  Followed by a busy night of Monday TV...

And that's been my life.  I had planned not to post over the weekend anyway because even I can't deal with 13 straight days of Valentine's Day crap--and I'm the one doing it!  I cheated and skipped today, but it'll start up again soon (I know you've been waiting in anticipation.  Apologies).

How was your weekend?

(and PS.  What is this new fuckery, Facebook?!  Those lines need to freakin' GO.)


Stephany February 9, 2010 at 3:28 PM  

"And my Sim (Henrieta Paree, if you're wondering) graduated college AND got engaged--now tell me how that wouldn't keep you busy??" OK...now that is just TOO FUNNY, girl!

I love having Panera dates with my girlfriends and staying there for HOURS. It's the perfect place to meet up for lunch and just catch up with your friends!

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