Ashley & the Adventures at Comic-Con (Part the Second)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Since the first day was entirely spent in panels and celebrity watching, I dedicated the rest of the days to the Exhibit Hall to check out all the goodies from artists, web comics (Cyanide & Happiness!), TV stations and production companies.  Most of the stuff they give away is junk: pins that say "I <3 Zombies", tons of movie poster (we currently have 5 posters for "The Other Guys"), fliers, adverts, temporary tattoos, lanyards, odd postcards...yeah.  I usually end up trashing the stuff, but it's fun at the time!

I've also realized that makes me sound as though I walk around simply to get free shit, which isn't true.  I really love going around the booths, especially the web comics and independent artists (not Artist's Alley though, that place kind of gives me the willies).  I mean, things like the Pirate Bears by Travis Hanson (so adorable!), and the fantastic illustrations by Matt Forsythe (I love this illustration he did for Drawn & Quarterly; wouldn't it look stunning on the front of a journal?!), and the discovery of a Montreal-based publisher that focuses on "literary and avant-garde comics" called Drawn&Quarterly that has some ridiculously talented artists, and the cutest webcomic called Tiny Kitten Teeth done by duo Becky and Frank. One day I'll scan the comic Tiny Kitten Teeth had on their advert/business card because it seriously made my day.  What also made my day is that while we visited the booth, one of them (I assume Frank since it was a man, but I can't be sure) drew my friend a comic and it was the most adorable thing I'd ever seen--let's just say it involved an owl, a penguin and a cat.  ADORABLE.

Cyanide & Happiness booth!
Anyhow. So uh...the reason we stumbled upon Tiny Kitten Teeth was because we were in high search for Cyanide & Happiness! A crude, hilarious web comic that I have been reading for what feels like an eternity, I love going to their booth because they draw stuff for you (I feel the need to mention that I find the one on the left to be incredibly attractive. BUT YOU KNOW.), and it's so much fun to watch them create something you love.  I don't have the second drawing that was done for me because it was left in a friend's bag, but the first sketch that was done (by the guy on the right)...wellllllll...let's just say it is the most inappropriate, dirty drawings I've ever come across.  Hilarious, but so wrong. I can't actually post it here because it is so NSFW it's crazy.  BUT, if you would like to see it, please click on the following black box and it shall redirect you to it.

While searching out the C+H booth, I happened to also run into...
Wil Wheaton!
Most famously known for his role as Wesley Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation (I can tell you right now he was one of the reasons I watched it with my mom), he's currently on Eureka and has a semi-recurring role as Evil Wil Wheaton on The Big Bang Theory (aka, Greatest Show On Earth).  I was trying to get a photo with him, but he was talking with a few of the web comic personas and was super fanboying it --note his C+H plushie in his hand that he had just bought--so I figured it best not to try and bother him too much.  Surprisingly, there wasn't really a crowd or too many people noticing him.

I should mention that amidst all this fun-having...I was actually probably making my friend's lives miserable.  Because the entire reason I'd even decided to go to Comic-con this year was to go to Friday's Big Bang Theory panel, because holy shit I love that show and Wil Wheaton was moderating and all the stars and producers were there and then the fucking Barenaked Ladies made a surprise appearance to have a singalong to the show's theme song...this is the stuff my dreams are made of, kids. And through a series of poor choices, chronic lateness, and general mayhem...I did not make it to the panel. I had not a chance in hell.  So for all of Friday, I was very honestly upset and may or may not have taken it out on my poor friends.

This post is way longer than planned, so uh...more pictures!
Levar Burton (left) was doing a signing, and it was pretty cool to see LaForge in real life (Star Trek reference).  I was half-hoping my brother would call me while I was standing next to LB because my bro's ringtone is Reading Rainbow, but alas, it did not happen. Truth be told, he was kind of a douche about pictures...but who knows why he had the rules he did, so I won't entirely hold it against him. As soon as I walked into the Exhibit hall I saw Rob Dyrdek (right photo, guy on left) from Rob&Big and Fantasy Factory signing, which was pretty cool. I didn't actually go to talk to him, but he was smiling and seeming to enjoy talking to fans, so that's cool.

For those who recognize him, it's Brian Posehn! Comedian, actor, the mail guy from Just Shoot Me. My brother apparently had to pee next to him in the bathroom (somehow my bro urinates next to famous people often--once it was next to Slash at Disneyland). He was just walking around pretty non-descript, but it happened that when we started going up to him, others started recognizing him and it began to draw a crowd. So, I didn't want to interrupt him more and decided simply to stalkerazzi snap a photo instead--I'm so nice, I know.

And the last of today's bunch: James Marsters, aka "Spike" from Buffy!  I saw him a lottttt during the Con, he had a bunch of signings and is involved with several shows so he was around. Walking through the exhibits, behind booths, doing interviews...yeah. Spike's a big deal here!  I also saw him when I ended up gateside to red carpet arrivals, but that story will be for the next and last part. He was always incredibly nice and affable every time, which makes me happy.

The end is nigh, my dear, no worries! Last part will be up soon.


Margaret August 1, 2010 at 7:29 AM  

I'm somewhat shocked by how many of the girls whose blogs I follow were at con. I probably walked right by all of you and had no idea.

James Marsters!! AHHH!

I got to shake Michael Dorn's hand this year, which was pretty rad. Also met the Wheaton and Aaron Douglas.

Anonymous,  August 2, 2010 at 9:10 AM  

hm. the blogs i'm reading about Comic Con make it seem much less geeky than i first thought.

Lucy August 2, 2010 at 12:35 PM  

I totally remember Spike from Buffy. Sounds like you had a good time. Stopping by from 20SB!

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