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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Unlike my musical tastes, I've never really been one to hide my TV preferences. It's generally acknowledged what is and is not shite TV, and like a good disaster, none of us can look away. Yes, TV is subjective, but there's an odd way in that one can have shame about a show while simultaneously being proud to watch said shameful show.  I don't get it, I don't really want to get it.

A few shows I wear proudly as a viewer: It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. How I Met Your Mother. The Big Bang Theory. Modern Family. 30 Rock. Glee. Top Chef. Bones. and so on and so forth. (I watch a lot of TV...)  Others...not so proudly: Design Star. The Next Iron Chef. Project Runway post-Lifetime move.  But I'll still at least admit to it.
And then there are the few that I have no business watching, but always will. Because some are so bad I can't not watch, others because they're surprisingly funny and good to me.  I'll always admit to it, but it will usually follow with some embarrassed brush off or attempt at sarcastic humor to lessen how much I really, really watch it.  And have all future episodes set to record on my DVR.  It's time to come clean, my friends.

  • The Rachel Zoe Project. Unlike most of my friends, I have zero real interest in fashion. I like it for the stories, the inspiration, the visual appeal (of a collection, not on an individual); not so much the actual clothing.  But The Rachel Zoe Project sucks me in and I can't turn away!  I'm fairly certain it's because Brad is the cutest patooty on the block and I just want to be BFFs with him and his fab bowties. But I tell you, it is weird when all of a sudden I'm stressed out because OHEMGEE Taylor stole samples! or the Versace gown has been taken by a random messenger! or when I'm laughing along with them about the diamond rings being so blasé for a gown.  But I've not called anything "major" or "bananas" so there's hope for me yet!
  • American Pickers. I have literally never watched the History Channel before I got sucked into this show (want to know what led me there? I saw a program about the history of hamburger components. That's real, y'all), but the idea of digging through people's old stuff got to me (unlimited access to a person's life? YES PLEASE). All of a sudden I'm seeing huge porcelain signs and gasping at their luck or being like, "WOW an old rusted hood ornament!"  The show actually tugs at my moral lining a bit (the idea of paying a family $20 for an item while knowing it is actually valued at $200 doesn't sit well) but the history and how unique some items are pull me back.
  • iCarly. I get a toooon of shit for watching this show, but this is one where I AM DAMN PROUD. Because hell, it is funny. I get that the webshow part (the "real" iCarly? Hmm) is super annoying and in reality I would never watch it--but the rest of the show is comedy gold, my friends. The expressions and timing and situations are absurd. It's childish and occasionally slapstick and I love it.
  • The Choir (on BBCA). It was advertised as a real life Glee--how would I not watch this show?! And when the first school visited was in Northolt, literally 2 metro stops away from where I was born, I had to stick around. From there, I was hooked. I am completely enamored with these hilarious and endearing students. I have a deep love for choir and chorale music, and blending it with British accents, British humor and heartwarming stories...hello, Ashley's life.
  • Glee. This is an odd one on the list because I am an up front Gleek, as is the rest of the world (so it seems)-which is why I listed it as a show I'm proud of. But I still get a lot of shit for this, and sometimes I simply don't want to get into the debate of how they ruin classic music, have shitty writing, can't act, etc. I've never said Glee was quality TV, and I'll be the first to say duh, Journey's original of Don't Stop Believin' is obviously better than the Glee cast one. But it's fun and dramatic and the Dawson's Creek of this generation, just minus the uncomfortable horrible sexual tension and adding music. That's a win in my book.
  • Jonas. I debated long and hard about putting this on the list, because I am that ashamed of this. I can't justify this. I know. I deserve all the judgment you want to dish out. But fact is, I've got 2 eps on my DVR, the Sunday one set, and I want to freakin' know what Macy does about Frankie Jonas (the worst of them all, and that says something) having a little schoolboy crush on her even though she's with Nick. YES, I AM CRYING TEARS OF SHAME RIGHT NOW.  You are free to shun me.
(I bet you thought Jersey Shore would be up in this bitch. NOPE.  Even though I met Ronnie, that can't even convince me to hop on that bandwagon.)


Vivian August 19, 2010 at 2:15 PM  

I am side-eyeing you right now with Jonas and iCarly but at the same time, I'm not really surprised? haha take that as you will.

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