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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

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I'm breaking a rule I have about double-posting on days, but seeing as how I went almost a week with no posts, I'm going to go ahead and forgive myself.  I'm just that nice.

I'm sick again.  I'm pretty sure I had an immune system at one point in my life, but apparently it decided it didn't like me and went away.  I spent all of January sick, and here I am again.  So...thanks for the 2 month break, body?  Thankfully it's not terrible, it's mostly a stuffed nose and watery eyes; and I'm grateful that my body doesn't feel sick.  I'm medicated and sleeping and drinking tons of water, so there's hope it will go away soon.

The worst part about being sick, and maybe it's just me, is that I always forget what it feels like to be healthy.  I mean, I just don't notice being healthy since that's the state of the norm...but when I am under the weather, I always feel as though I'll be sick forever and that there wasn't a time when I wasn't sick.  It's frustrating.


Other reasons I did not post last week: I actually went out.  I know, I'm just as surprised as you are about this.  Incredibly, I had a life!  And interacted with real people!  Thursday my brother and his girlfriend left for a small vacation in Baltimore/East Coast, and I had to take them to the airport.  Which doesn't sound time-consuming, but I had to drive them up to Ontario.  Canada?!  No.  Little known to anyone is that there is indeed an Ontario, California, and it's roughly 40 minutes inland from LA (which is about an hour and a half drive from where I live).  It's a lot of construction, a lot of boring land, a distinctly disgusting cow manure smell...and a mall and an airport.  I don't get it either.  But anyway, one of my best friends Kathy came with me to drive them up, so we had a fun little mini roadtrip...through the most barren and ridiculous and worthless parts of Inland California.  Ok, maybe not the most, and that was a bit harsh, but ugh.  It's a very different California from the one I know and love.  This road-trip combined with my ridiculously amazing ability to get lost wherever I am led into some interesting U-Turns and a minorly terrifying drive up into the mountains of nowhere that we nicknamed Celebrity Prison (you had to be there).

Friday was a late birthday dinner with my best friends from high school at the Cheesecake Factory, a place I am convinced can do no wrong.  Our waiter, affectionately called John-Boy, was ridiculously amazing and over the top and a perfect match for my friends and the crazy drunken antics that happen.  My friends and I are notorious for being a handful, and when a few cocktails are thrown in it just gets ridiculous.  It's not that we're rude and send food back and yell--oh no.  We're overly friendly.  We talk and joke and flirt and laugh and it is an all around scene.  We're not annoying, we're amusing.  Dinner was good, food was good, I was embarrassed thoroughly, a bit of drama and a bit of eye rolling...all said and done, a good night.

And unfortunately, Friday was when I got sick, which effectively ended all plans (which unfortunately included a birthday celebration I was supposed to be at!  Sorry Matt + Natasha, I hope your birthdays were fab!). I don't remember much aside from a tissue box and sleeping.

Except Sunday, which was a lovely day.  That I will tell you about some other time.

Onto the title of this post.  It's not really a blog break, it just has to be a byproduct of a different break.  Seeing as how I have no job and spend most of my days doing nothing, I have unfortunately begun to lean on my laptop as a crutch for time filler.  At any time of day, I know I will find some sort of amusement, whether its on this blog, Twitter, facebook, tumblr, YouTube, 20sb, a few scriptwriting sites, even Google is dangerous.  I can go days without thinking about my phone, but I don't think I've gone an hour without my laptop in months.

And I don't like that.

So, I've decided to have a bit of a technological purge for a week.  I need to refocus my life on something other than this little screen, and I need to find something real in my life.  I want to discover what my city has to offer, I want to breathe fresh air and look at the world around me.  Pending regulated breathing coming back into my life, I also need to focus on exercising because the amount of "I feel fat" days are increasing at an astonishingly fast rate, and I don't want that.

Therefore, I am limiting my total computer time to an hour a day (excluding professional and business-related activities).  I mean an hour for everything, which effectively cuts out blog posting.  I'll be able to check e-mail, respond to the things I need to, apply for jobs, and perhaps squeeze a Tweet or a Facebook something-or-other.  I don't believe anything else is essential to my life, and I am on a mission to see that I am right--or, pitifully, wrong.  Who knows how this will turn out, but I have hopes I'll learn something from it.

I have a few blog posts scheduled, so this blog won't be entirely abandoned, but no blog reading and no other types of checking and/or communication will be open.  If there's something important that you absolutely have to get ahold of me for, then e-mail me.

Until next Wednesday, my lovelies!


Another David March 30, 2010 at 7:34 PM  

Yeah, I've been pretty much out of commission for the last 36 hours, too. Get better soon!

Ashley March 31, 2010 at 11:12 AM  

Good for you! With my job being dead right now, I spend over 3/4 of my work week on the internet so I've stopped using it at home almost completely. I realized how dependent I was on it and had to tear myself away. I look forward to you coming back, but definitely understand the need for a break!

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